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This one stars Leslie Striker, Soi, and a few appearances by Oreo and it's a short slice-of-life story. Now I just need to get around to posting it. Been meaning to do so during the weekend but I've been really tired the past few days. Pretty sure at least one of the meds I take can cause drowsiness.
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Anyone who knows me knows that I like putting my favorite characters through the wringer from time to time. It just happened to be SWS' turn this time.

When he said he'd go through hell and back for Spoony and Insano at the end of my first TGWTG fic, he meant it.
Also, I finally figured out how to get injuries look somewhat bloody. Yay.

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I’m your boss. I know you won’t actually stab me. ~President Critic, currently underestimating how fed up SWS is with him.

It seems my AU is slowly starting to center around the feud between SWS and Critic instead of Critic refusing to give up his dreams of Kickassia.

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So, I finally got to the oral surgeon today. My mom and dad have gone to him before and he's really nice, very funny and he did his best to put me at ease. It was actually really fun talking to him. I remember in a daze, after everything was done, telling him he was a good doctor while I walked out of the office.

So anyway, instead of pulling the wisdom tooth and a molar, we agreed to have all three in a row removed. He explained that it would make things easier so there's less risk of complications and if I did leave the one tooth that was in the middle of the other two, there was a good chance I would be back there sooner rather than later in order to get that pulled anyway. Honestly, I don't even remember falling asleep. I just remember someone shaking me and saying that it was all over.

I didn't feel any pain at the time but once the numbness wore off, it hit me. It's not as bad right now since I got some of the pain medicine he prescribed into my body but it's still noticeable. At least I can say I faced one of my biggest childhood fears and it went fine.
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Title: Moments After Kickassia
Summary: Different moments in time for some main characters as Critic plans to revive Kickassia despite some setbacks.
Pairings: Spoony/Insano/SWS!Spoony
Rating: PG-13 mainly due to some swearing and the end of moment #5
AO3 Link: Will be updated within the next few days

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Jun. 11th, 2017 01:33 pm
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If Linksano finally got back to his universe only to discover that his brother was turned into a Black Lantern. Wayne was supposed to look frightening here but instead he ended up looking like a sass master.

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The last dentist office I went to, I hated it. It felt really unwelcoming. This new though is a massive step up. So, the gist of what's been causing my sinus infections and ear pain is that I have a back molar that needs to be pulled and a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed because it came in crooked, both on the bottom. Also, my wisdom tooth on the opposite side is apparently sideways so that'll have to go at some point. My top wisdom teeth came in just fine though. Eh, 50/50's not bad when it comes to those things.

So, I'm going to a surgeon on Monday to have the two trouble makers removed. The dentist offered to do it today at the office but I refused because they would have kept me awake while doing so. Yeesh. After this, I go back to see them in a month for a cleaning and to see where we go from there. As a side note, bad teeth seem to run in my mom's side of the family. Go figure.
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Title: Still working on it; for now it's just "Untitled Kickassia AU"
Summary: SWS and his thoughts/actions during a few key points of Kickassia.
Pairings: Hinted Spoony/Insano and hinted Spoony/Insano/SWS!Spoony near the end
Rating: PG to a very light PG-13 mainly because of a few mild curse words
AO3 Link: Here

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Jun. 7th, 2017 02:58 pm
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I am about ready to rip all of the teeth out of the left side of my mouth. Today I woke up with a real painful ear ache (on a different note, I have eczema and that's usually what causes them) and now the pain went from my ear to my damn teeth again. I just got over that second sinus infection, I do not need this right now.
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I finally got around to actually writing something for my untitled Kickassia AU. The story is from SWS's POV and the two main characters are him and the Critic. It can be found on my AO3 account here:
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I think my biggest achievements on Neopets are:

1. Getting to All-Star for once during one of the Altador Cups
2. Finally getting my first flash game trophy - second place in Pakiko
3. Finally getting a trophy for one of the Destruct-o-Match games - first place in Destruct-o-Match 3
4. Finally beating NeoQuest 2 on normal for once
5. Getting a third place trophy in The Great Desert Race - seriously, how does scoring work in that game?
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SWS again, both sketch and colored sketch. When I can't be bothered with hands, I try to fall back on the style of Sonic's hands from the Sonic CD intro and outro.

Art Dump

Jun. 5th, 2017 10:56 am
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Usually I just post my art on Tumblr/my personal FB but why not?

Doctor Insano (and Soi)

Lightning the Lion



Untitled Kickassia AU

Adventures after the Kickassia AU - starring Spoony, Doc Insano, SWS, and Soi


May. 26th, 2017 09:45 am
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It's certainly been a minute since I last updated. Lets see - my sinuses are flaring up again due to allergy season, complete with facial swelling, off bite, and throbbing teeth.

I've also been having a new recurring dream lately. In it, my sister and I are at the local 7-11 back in our old neighborhood at night. Now, this place was in the news a month ago because it was robbed. So back to the dream, my sister is walking around just find but I keep getting the feeling that something is off. Off like there's something wrong with everyone else in there, kind of like the movie, The Crazies. So eventually, my sister and I go to leave and for some reason, the 7-11 is now attached to the local Burger King and its old party building. Eventually we leave with people just following us but not really doing anything otherwise and we end up back in our old house. This time the house isn't haunted but the people keep trying to break in. As soon as they do, I wake up.
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This is something that happened when I was a young teenager. I mentioned it in passing a few times to my sister but that's it. Anyway, my family was on vacation in Florida thanks to my Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle. We were staying at a resort called Bonnet Creek, which is where this event happened. One night, I woke up for literally no reason - didn't have a nightmare, wasn't hungry, or anything. So, I tried to go back to sleep when I saw something near the ceiling. It was dark and shaped kind of like a person, now there was no light to cast shadows on anything so that's ruled out. I remember feeling terrified just by looking at it and then it moved. After that, I hid under the covers. When I finally forced myself to peek out, the thing was gone but I had this scared, uneasy feeling the rest of the time I stayed at that place.


Apr. 29th, 2017 08:43 pm
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After Allergra-D and Tylenol Sinus Severe failed to do anything for my sinus problems, my mom did me a favor and bought me some Vicks Sinex. After only two days of taking it, I'm finally starting to feel so much better than I have in the past few weeks. The swelling in my face is going down, my teeth aren't hurting nearly as much, and no more sinus headaches.


Apr. 26th, 2017 11:22 pm
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My sinuses are still bothering me. I've started taking Allegra-D daily because I'm 99% sure the pain is being caused by allergies; especially since it stopped hurting yesterday night while it was down pouring - no pollen lingering = no allergies. Still, it's really damn painful and the main areas the pain is located at are my teeth (to the point that it's causing referred pain to my bottom teeth), my head, and my ear - all on the left side. I've tried Oragel for my teeth and Ibuprofen in general - no dice. Last month, my sinuses were bad enough to the point that I had to go to one of those urgent care clinics and they diagnosed me with a sinus infection that has since been taken care of. Also, I get stressed easily and I know that's not helping whatsoever, but it's driving me up the wall. I just can't catch a damn break right now.
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I despise the allergies that come with it. Normally, it's just the typical sneezing and itchy eyes. This year, however, all the pollen has my sinuses going crazy. It's making my right eye, part of my forehead, and my jaw/teeth hurt like hell. It stops hurting when it's warm but since I sit in a room with no windows, I keep a desk fan on to keep cool. So all day it's been back and forth with the fan.


Apr. 14th, 2017 11:43 pm
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If anyone stumbles upon this and is interested, this is my YouTube channel here.
I've been on the site since Jan 7, 2006 and I originally got my start uploading soundtrack music. Then I moved on to making my own music videos. Now, I upload game play recordings. They're not let's plays though since I don't have anything to say most of the time. I also really need to get back into the habit of uploading things consistently for that matter.

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Here's another recurring dream of mine.

In the dream, I'm back in the house I lived in from the time I was born until a few months before I turned eleven. Now, in real life, there was always something off about that house - something wrong. The feelings were mainly contained to the basement and my bedroom though sometimes I would feel it in other rooms as well. This feeling was that something was there and it didn't want me where it was.

My sister also experienced this but, of course, our parents never believed us. My bedroom used to be her room before I was born and she told me that she'd get creeped out as well. If I remember correctly, one of the things I distinctly remember her telling me is that when she had my room, she saw a man's head up near the curtains and that scared the hell out of her. As for my own experiences, I don't remember what happened, I just remembered that as a little kid, I woke up one night screaming and crying. Whatever had scared me was so bad that I refused to sleep without a lamp on until we moved.

Now, the basement is its own mess. Every time I'd go down there, I'd get this feeling of dread, even when with one of my parents. It could been the middle of the day with the lights on and the basement door leading to the outside open, and I still did not want to go down there. As stated before, I'm pretty sure that this feeling was mutual on the part of whatever was down there. When I talked to my sister about the basement, she echoed my statements and mentioned that she would feel like something was watching her from the basement's back room.

If there's one good thing that came from that house, it's that it sparked my interest in paranormal research.
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