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This one stars Leslie Striker, Soi, and a few appearances by Oreo and it's a short slice-of-life story. Now I just need to get around to posting it. Been meaning to do so during the weekend but I've been really tired the past few days. Pretty sure at least one of the meds I take can cause drowsiness.
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Title: Moments After Kickassia
Summary: Different moments in time for some main characters as Critic plans to revive Kickassia despite some setbacks.
Pairings: Spoony/Insano/SWS!Spoony
Rating: PG-13 mainly due to some swearing and the end of moment #5
AO3 Link: Will be updated within the next few days

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Title: Still working on it; for now it's just "Untitled Kickassia AU"
Summary: SWS and his thoughts/actions during a few key points of Kickassia.
Pairings: Hinted Spoony/Insano and hinted Spoony/Insano/SWS!Spoony near the end
Rating: PG to a very light PG-13 mainly because of a few mild curse words
AO3 Link: Here

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