May. 26th, 2017 09:45 am
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It's certainly been a minute since I last updated. Lets see - my sinuses are flaring up again due to allergy season, complete with facial swelling, off bite, and throbbing teeth.

I've also been having a new recurring dream lately. In it, my sister and I are at the local 7-11 back in our old neighborhood at night. Now, this place was in the news a month ago because it was robbed. So back to the dream, my sister is walking around just find but I keep getting the feeling that something is off. Off like there's something wrong with everyone else in there, kind of like the movie, The Crazies. So eventually, my sister and I go to leave and for some reason, the 7-11 is now attached to the local Burger King and its old party building. Eventually we leave with people just following us but not really doing anything otherwise and we end up back in our old house. This time the house isn't haunted but the people keep trying to break in. As soon as they do, I wake up.
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Here's another recurring dream of mine.

In the dream, I'm back in the house I lived in from the time I was born until a few months before I turned eleven. Now, in real life, there was always something off about that house - something wrong. The feelings were mainly contained to the basement and my bedroom though sometimes I would feel it in other rooms as well. This feeling was that something was there and it didn't want me where it was.

My sister also experienced this but, of course, our parents never believed us. My bedroom used to be her room before I was born and she told me that she'd get creeped out as well. If I remember correctly, one of the things I distinctly remember her telling me is that when she had my room, she saw a man's head up near the curtains and that scared the hell out of her. As for my own experiences, I don't remember what happened, I just remembered that as a little kid, I woke up one night screaming and crying. Whatever had scared me was so bad that I refused to sleep without a lamp on until we moved.

Now, the basement is its own mess. Every time I'd go down there, I'd get this feeling of dread, even when with one of my parents. It could been the middle of the day with the lights on and the basement door leading to the outside open, and I still did not want to go down there. As stated before, I'm pretty sure that this feeling was mutual on the part of whatever was down there. When I talked to my sister about the basement, she echoed my statements and mentioned that she would feel like something was watching her from the basement's back room.

If there's one good thing that came from that house, it's that it sparked my interest in paranormal research.
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But I did have an odd one. It started out in Hogwarts, I'm assuming during the battle against Voldemort. My sister and I were running around the castle, looking for secret passages so we could escape. Then the scene changed - it looked like the castle fused with Crisis City from Sonic 06 into some weird mess. So, we're still running around trying to avoid explosions and now those Iblis monsters in addition to Voldemort's forces. At some point, we ran into Spoony from The Spoony Experiment and he was dressed like a Hogwarts student. Proceed with more running around the castle and, as soon as we finally escaped, the whole place blew up and I woke up.

Speaking of, I woke up with a sore throat. Damn it.
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Alright, yesterday night I had one of my recurring dreams again. This one usually consists of being stuck going to class in a mixture of my old middle school and my old high school. This time it was my old high school mixed with some college town. The gist is always the same - I don't want to be there, I don't have to be there, I'm more than old enough to make my own decisions, and yet some authority figure forces me to be there - sometimes it's my mom and sometimes it's a teacher or other faculty. Now, I have a great relationship with my mom. However, when I was in school - mainly seventh grade and up - I'd always have at least one subject where I consistently screwed up either from not knowing how to do the work even though everyone else seemed to understand it with ease (usually math) or just not do the homework for that particular class. As such, we used to butt heads a lot when I was in school. That would explain why she'd be in those dreams.

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