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This is something that happened when I was a young teenager. I mentioned it in passing a few times to my sister but that's it. Anyway, my family was on vacation in Florida thanks to my Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle. We were staying at a resort called Bonnet Creek, which is where this event happened. One night, I woke up for literally no reason - didn't have a nightmare, wasn't hungry, or anything. So, I tried to go back to sleep when I saw something near the ceiling. It was dark and shaped kind of like a person, now there was no light to cast shadows on anything so that's ruled out. I remember feeling terrified just by looking at it and then it moved. After that, I hid under the covers. When I finally forced myself to peek out, the thing was gone but I had this scared, uneasy feeling the rest of the time I stayed at that place.
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