Apr. 26th, 2017 11:22 pm
gamerzylo: (Poor Dr. Insano)
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My sinuses are still bothering me. I've started taking Allegra-D daily because I'm 99% sure the pain is being caused by allergies; especially since it stopped hurting yesterday night while it was down pouring - no pollen lingering = no allergies. Still, it's really damn painful and the main areas the pain is located at are my teeth (to the point that it's causing referred pain to my bottom teeth), my head, and my ear - all on the left side. I've tried Oragel for my teeth and Ibuprofen in general - no dice. Last month, my sinuses were bad enough to the point that I had to go to one of those urgent care clinics and they diagnosed me with a sinus infection that has since been taken care of. Also, I get stressed easily and I know that's not helping whatsoever, but it's driving me up the wall. I just can't catch a damn break right now.

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