Jun. 9th, 2017

gamerzylo: (Jani-Ca)
The last dentist office I went to, I hated it. It felt really unwelcoming. This new though is a massive step up. So, the gist of what's been causing my sinus infections and ear pain is that I have a back molar that needs to be pulled and a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed because it came in crooked, both on the bottom. Also, my wisdom tooth on the opposite side is apparently sideways so that'll have to go at some point. My top wisdom teeth came in just fine though. Eh, 50/50's not bad when it comes to those things.

So, I'm going to a surgeon on Monday to have the two trouble makers removed. The dentist offered to do it today at the office but I refused because they would have kept me awake while doing so. Yeesh. After this, I go back to see them in a month for a cleaning and to see where we go from there. As a side note, bad teeth seem to run in my mom's side of the family. Go figure.

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