Apr. 7th, 2017

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But I did have an odd one. It started out in Hogwarts, I'm assuming during the battle against Voldemort. My sister and I were running around the castle, looking for secret passages so we could escape. Then the scene changed - it looked like the castle fused with Crisis City from Sonic 06 into some weird mess. So, we're still running around trying to avoid explosions and now those Iblis monsters in addition to Voldemort's forces. At some point, we ran into Spoony from The Spoony Experiment and he was dressed like a Hogwarts student. Proceed with more running around the castle and, as soon as we finally escaped, the whole place blew up and I woke up.

Speaking of, I woke up with a sore throat. Damn it.
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When I was at an indoor market yesterday, I saw two bootleg Pokemon games. They were Pokemon Orange - an orange cart with a Dragonite on it, and Pokemon Green - green cart. Pretty sure the green cart was a bootleg specifically of that horrible English fan translation of Pocket Monsters Green. As for the orange cart, I have no clue. If they weren’t 24.99$ a piece, I would have bought them for collection purposes.

In addition, I found the 16th issue of Archie's Knuckles the Echidna comics in a discount book store. They had a whole stack of them but only of that one issue. The other Archie stuff was recent Sonic the Hedgehog issues I already have and a bunch of random Archie Digests.

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